Centre & General Information

We are open 24 hour. Our hours of operation are from 6:30 AM to 6:30 PM (Day Time) and 6:30 PM to 6:30 AM (Overnight).
Yes, we are open the whole year through excluding weekends and statutory holidays.
Yes, we run a year-round program and also offer summer programs during the months of July and August for school-aged children. Anyone can participate in our summer programming and your child does not need to be a current student to register. Contact our centre directly to get pricing and details.
Our fees vary by program and age due to a variety of reasons. Our fees are accessible through our Centre Directors, by inquiring online or via phone call to the centre.
World of Wonders realizes that schedules can vary by household and the need for full time childcare doesn't exist in all circumstances. We do offer part time care for our families on a 2 or 3 (and sometimes 4) days a week basis in order to accommodate those circumstances. Please inquire directly with your centre of choice regarding availability of part-time care.
Yes, our programs (and fees) are all offered as full-time care and part time. As families live on different schedules with different needs, children may come and go during operating hours as needed.
Occupancy is maintained at the Centre level and the Director may tell you that it is currently full. You have the option to be put on our waitlist for the next available opening if you choose.
When a spot opens up, the Centre Director will consult the waitlist for the next child in line to fill the vacancy of the age category needed. For instance, if an infant ages up into the toddler room, a vacancy is created in the infant room. We would consult the waitlist to see who the next available infant is on the list. That parent or guardian would receive the first right to fill the vacancy. If they choose to, their child would be enrolled into our centre and the waitlist would decrease by a family. If that family declines the opportunity, they will be asked whether or not they want to continue to be waitlisted or if they would like to be removed altogether.
World of Wonders used the term Learning Centre in naming our centre as we strongly believe that we are equally a child care provider as we are an educational institution. Children are provided a curriculum and development plan as soon as they are accepted as students and spend their time with us engaged in learning activities. Our program is proven to help increase literacy, arithmetic and language skills. We offer a well-rounded experience for our children and help prepare them for future success in grade school.


Nutrition is one of the cornerstone values of what World of Wonders offers our children and their families. Our centre offer a full meal plan including snacks and a hot lunch. Our menu has been certified by a Registered Dietician and boasts meals made in-house, from scratch and prepared daily.
Yes. We neither use nuts in our meal preparation or allow children to bring snacks containing nuts into our centre. This is inclusive of all tree nuts as well.
Yes, we can. We can work within the menu and nutritional guidelines to come to an alternative meal plan to allow your child to still eat - and eat healthy - while at our Centre.

Child Care

This is a very common question and the answer is no! As we take infants as young as 6 weeks old, we help our families by assisting in the process of toilet training.
To ensure consistency between home and childcare, infants follow their own individual nap schedules provided by their parents. When ready, our early childhood educators will work with parents to transition the infants to one nap time per day in readiness for their move to the toddler program. Each child in our toddler, preschool and kindergarten programs is provided with an individual cot for their rest period of up to two hours in length and they are permitted to sleep, rest or engage in quiet activities based on their individual needs, while ensuring that sleep patterns at home are not disrupted.
We use passive discipline which means no staff at World of Wonders is to ever use physical force to implement discipline onto a child. We explain right behaviour versus wrong behaviour through showcasing the positive and negative effects of their actions. We also do not implement the use of time outs and we will work together with our families to find alternative forms of reinforcing positive behaviour. For further clarification in these matters, please consult the Centre Director.
Our learning centre offer before and after school care for children up to the age of 12. At our centre, transportation is provided through school buses at our door step. Please contact centre Director for more details if needed regarding transportation.

Early Childhood Educators

Of course. Our staff must have all completed at least the minimum requirements mandated by the Alberta Early Learning and Childcare Act in order to work in our centre. Many of our early educators have received additional training and are certified by an educational institution such as a University or College. All educators and employees are required to have a clear and current criminal reference check, including vulnerable sector screening. Furthermore, World of Wonders mandates that the centre staff hold certifications in CPR and First Aid Training.
Yes, all staff are certified in standard first aid and infant child CPR
The classroom ratios are maintained as per Early Learning and Childcare Regulations. Please contact the centre to find out the ratios in the various age groups.

Financial Aid

Our centre allow for subsidy through Alberta childcare subsidy program. To apply please visit the website Child care subsidy | Alberta.ca. Please contact centre Director if you need assistance with subsidy application.
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