Keeping Your Children Safe During Covid-19 Is Our Biggest Priority

Our Centre operates under the most stringent guidelines provided by Alberta’s health officials, and we are entirely equipped to provide comprehensive care for your child with heightened awareness. This page is regularly updated as we continue to follow COVID-19 regulations and maintain the strictest measures for the health and safety of both parents and staff.


We follow these communicable and infectious disease guidelines:

Students and team members must wash their hands with soap and water numerous times a day.
They must wash them under the following circumstances and at any other time:

Upon entering class

Before eating

After eating

After nose blowing

After playing with something messy or sticky

After coming in from outside

After using the bathroom

We are keeping rooms at the required ratio according to government standards.
No one will be permitted inside the building unless they are a parent, a team member or a student of our centre.
Parents are required to complete daily online health check
Following all AHS current protocols
We are maintaining social distancing to the best of our ability.
We are cleaning and sanitizing all areas of the school building, including but not limited to:

All touch points






Other surfaces

Frequently Asked Questions Related to COVID-19

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